great outdoors supper club

Reservations not accepted Fridays.

Well it looks as if winter is here!!  A little too early if you ask me.  Here are your comfort food specials this week.  We have a new cheese curd that we will be trying out.  I like it a little better.  The entree is a mashed potato bowl with either a breaded chicken or a sliced steak, corn, gravy and cheese to warm your belly.

Just a reminder to all....Sunday Night is Fried Chicken Dinner Night!!!

Sandwich of the week: Bacon Mac Burger

Call us today  262-334-7977


SUPPER CLUB TO NIGHT CLUB: December 7th from 10pm to close.  If coming for dinner make sure to make reservations




Monday: Closed

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: Bar - 4pm-10pm

                        Kitchen - 4pm-9pm

Thursday: Bar - 4pm-10pm

                    Kitchen - 4pm-9pm

Friday: Bar - 4pm-11pm

              Kitchen  - 4pm-9pm

Saturday: Bar- 11am-11pm

                   Kitchen - 11am-9pm
Sunday: Bar - 10am-8pm

                Kitchen 10am-8pm

No reservations needed throughout the week!!

**If you are here, we are here! Bar will stay open longer if people are here**